JRTuned v8bait breaks stock motor record AGAIN! 9.77 @ 147mph

v8bait made it’s virgin East Coast trip well worth it with a huge success at Atco Raceway. Following the car’s success at TX2K, sponsors JrTuned and Prime Motoring brought the car to NJ for a quick refresh. Some new shoes, P&L mini brakes, oil change and a KillerB header and the car was ready for the track.

Stock motor, stock trans, no slicks – take a look at what happens next in this 1320 feature:

Cars Specs:
– STOCK Long Block
– HTA35 Turbo from Forced Performance
– Access Port tuning factory ECU from Cobb Tuning
– Tuned by JrTuned
– Twin Disc Comp Clutch from P&L Motorsports
– Clutch Install & Setup by Off The Line Performance
– KillerB Header & P&L Drag Brake Kit from Prime Motoring